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The Dungeon

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Welcome to the online extension of KA7O's Shack, The Dungeon

This site serves as a virtual extension of a place where I share life with friends.

The Dungeon is more of a concept than a place. It's where I 'do my thing'. It's where I invite folks into my world and we can share common interests.

There's a room in the house that holds my servers, radios, tools spare parts and I don't know what all. My lovely wife calls that The Dungeon - often it is.

When I'm in the garage, at either of the two work benches or under a car, working on friends PCs, my motorcyle or whatever - special when there are people around - then that's The Dungeon.

If you imagine an old, western style general store: folks playing checkers in the corner next to the pot-belly, some "home brew" on the shelf - brought down to share on occasions or frosty nights - living life and doing more together than they could by themselves - you'd have a good working understanding of The Dungeon.

I think the idea of The Dungeon started in my Grandad's basement. It's where I was first exposed to the incense of rosin core solder, that dance of an osciloscope, the mystery of a dark room and it's chemistry and piles upon piles of parts. It was a warm, welcoming place where stuff got fixed - where everything was made 'OK'.

So, in memory and tradition of 'The Puff Grump', 'Grampsy' and all they've shared, struggled and hoped for - welcome to The Dungeon.

Pull up a chair and let's get started. The coffee is hot, the food is good (thanks again love!). Just take your plates back into the kitchen when you're done. And try not to let the dog out.


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